Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant

“The nuclear power plant is built on a 1,500 acre site on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, about 50 miles southeast of Washington, D.C. Its two units are capable of generating over 1,700 net megawatts (MW) annually, enough to power over 1 million average American homes each year.”

Nuclear Installations Safety Division

Who is NISD?

The Nuclear Installations Safety Division (NISD) is a Professional Division of the American Nuclear Society.  The NISD is one of the largest divisions of ANS with a general membership totaling approximately 1600 people at present.

What is NISD?

The NISD is devoted specifically to the safety of nuclear installations and the health and safety of the public, this division seeks a better understanding of the role of safety in the design, construction and operation of nuclear installation facilities. The division also promotes engineering and scientific technology advancement associated with the safety of such facilities.

Why join NISD?

By getting involved, you can make a difference:
By learning more about safety of nuclear installations and level of attention paid to the health and safety of the public.   Membership in this division allows for collaborations that are involved with established special workforce committees, representing the entire industry, to recognize and address emerging issues.

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